oriya azaniOriya Azani has been a certified practitioner of Chinese medicine Dip.Ac in Israel since 2000.

She studied Chinese medicine for four years at one of the leading colleges in Israel for Chinese medicine studies, the College “Medicine” in Tel Aviv, Israel.

She also spent six months studying in “Zhejiang Provincial Hospital” in China with her concentration being on Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs.

For over a year, in Israel, Oriya studied ancient Chinese medicine with a concentration on “Stems and Branches”. This included deeper studies about the roots of the Chinese medicine, philosophy and practical treatments in the clinic. She excelled in her a course on Special Meridians of Chinese medicine that placed an emphasis on fertility and infertility in women and men. They included deeper studies into knowing how to use the special meridians (energy channels), in the human body in cases of infertility.

Oriya is a practitioner in abdominal massage used to increase fertility and strengthen the reproductive system.
She is a consultant on vitamins, minerals, and herbs.

The author has studied “Jewish Kabbalah” and spiritual development with well qualified teachers and she has studied and investigated the healing processes of human beings and the earth.

She was recognized as being one of the best therapists in Israel in alternative medicine for cases of infertility in men and women by Isreal’s largest newspaper, “Ma’ariv”.

About The Book:

The global network womb brings all the world’s women together.
This network is represented by the womb and wisdom that the womb carries.
The womb is our tomorrow, our procreation, without the womb our survival is critical.
We can heal each other through a global network of awareness of the womb.

How did it all begin?

Dear women,

My name is Oriya, and I have been a specialist practitioner of Chinese medicine, fertility and pregnancy since 2000. I also provide abdominal massage to stimulate fertility in women. I have a successful clinic in Israel.

I am a veteran in the field of Chinese medicine, fertility and pregnancy, with many years of experience, and now it’s time to help other women around the world.
The idea of this guide is to help women all over the world get pregnant through connecting with their feminine power.

A long time ago, I had a vision, inspiration went down to my thoughts and formed words, but it was more than that: I thought, “What will women do with the emotional female spiritual knowledge I pass on to them? Today everything is so calculated, rational and, purposeful. What is the importance of listening connection and femininity?” The words remained in the air – I haven’t done with them a thing.

Some time ago I met a medicine man of the Native Americans, and I consulted with him about a problem I was contemplating for a long time.
He looked at me and told me that there is something that I did not say, and this is not a private statement but something wider, and because the throat chakra is associated with the womb, (in the guide I explain how the throat is connected to the womb and fertility) he asked me:

“What is this thing you do not say to the world? This is not your voice but a voice that comes through you. This is ancient knowledge that you have probably from your past life incarnations as a Medicine Woman and you now echo and remind that voice again”.

I knew immediately what it was, and I knew that those words should get out of my own space and into the global space.

These words, and what I believe in, what I see and sense, picking and choosing, listening and understanding, I knew that the time is now to share the knowledge!


pregnant woman


And now to you, how can I help you with the book/guide?

Dear women,

Thank you for choosing to use the knowledge I share with you in the book. You know women love to share ideas, knowledge, thoughts and observe cooking.
I know it’s a long journey to become pregnant. This is a way that sometimes has:

  • Frustration
  • Loneliness
  • Breaking moments
  • Fear
  • Need guidance optimistic
  • Need to strengthen your inner voice

Maybe you have just started your journey and maybe you have been walking a long time.

I’m here to help you with the knowledge and experience that I have, and that has already helped a lot of women in Israel get pregnant. Israel is a leader as a country in the productivity of knowledge, especially IVF and IUI.

I can give you advice and support you in a different light.

The first step is to connect with your inner truth in the pregnancy; you make the right move and the right choice.

All these tips, I will give you in the book, you can start to apply them immediately!

Most of them are about the ancient female voice connections and this knowledge can help you in every stage of your life, because in that way you’ll bond with your feminine power and from here everything just happens by itself.

We are in special times that are experiencing the feminine side of creation and all women begin to wake up and remember our voice.

feminine power

In all my years of working with women who wanted and were able to get pregnant (naturally, IVF, IUI), I saw that female spiritual emotional patterns repeat themselves and help pregnant women to be absorbed.

I realized very quickly that one should not only deal with the physical side, but that we need to empower women with the feminine side of the woman within her.

All of my patients have been successful with their pregnancies, I researched what she did that allowed the pregnancy, and always found that the same month was related to a change in the nature of spiritual feminine feelings.

All that you need to know about the physical side to get pregnant, you can find in many books, on the internet, or by asking companies and doctors, but what I am offering you is knowledge not yet written anywhere.

This is knowledge gathered from observation and the fragile listening process sometimes hidden from the view of people.

This information is beyond word and transfer from mouth to ear, and is especially written on the hearts of women.

With patience and perseverance I collected all these ideas and advice, and today I’m happy to share them with you, so that you will also succeed.

I used the knowledge of Chinese medicine, Jewish Kabbalah, the culture of the Native Americans, and the wisdom of other women’s cultures; special connections through which I established my unique vision of life.

I believe that this knowledge is relevant to all women all over the world, and I cannot keep this knowledge only for women in Israel, because I support women all around the world.

This is the global womb that connects women to other women all around the world.

powerful woman

After years of my patients and communicate telling me this, the treatments have changed the way I look at life and I feel empowered through these internal connections.

I highly recommend you read all of this advice, after you buy it, in a quiet place where you can concentrate and relax.

You should highlight what is relevant for you, and what is right for you. That which does not apply, skip – these are topics you will come back to another time, or not.

Then, once you start to put all one idea into your life, do it patiently. There are changes you notice immediately and others take more time.

I recommend you use a therapist of any kind to accompany the process, but you don’t have to.

I am aware that I cannot guarantee 100 percent that I will get you pregnant with the advice I give you. I’m not God, and it is important to stay humble, but I know I collected wisdom and what I share with you can change your life. I’m sure that 100 percent of the knowledge I give you, it knew that with the grandmothers of our prejudices. I trust the womanly old I was a part of, and I’m sure every woman can find something in the guide which can learn from and grow stronger.

It’s not just about how to get pregnant, because there is knowledge and wisdom beyond pregnancy related to the guide, and I am very proud to produce and bring it into the world.

With love, faith and prayer that you will find your own unique way,