Chapter 5 – Circle

circalHere we are just a moment before saying goodbye. One circle has closed circuit and another has opened, and you leave with the knowledge that another circle will open soon. Maybe this cycle ended, but now your story is waiting to be expressed within.

I hope you enjoyed learning and became stronger through reading this book.

These are important points which I have returned to in order to help women who are trying to become pregnant, and as a part of this process you will have developed your feminine awareness and personal spirituality.
After so many years of treating fertility in women in Israel, I decided to share with the women across the world, the wisdom and knowledge that we have as women held in our authority in the past, and which finds its way back into our heart which longs for it.

I believe we as women entwine a network of purpose and love, and now is the time for women. It is a time of liberation during which we can do away with all the pain and previous humiliations.

It’s time to get back to our source to heal and to create.

There is not just one feminine voice. Femininity consists of many voices, as does motherhood, and into this circle of women, we need to introduce more and more voices of feminine and maternal creation. We make a mistake if we think that there is only one way to motherhood, and sometimes instead of stiffening up and remaining rigid, it is better to open up, especially for God’s will. Pregnancy is actually a connection between souls; a connection we do not understand until the end, and we must be willing to listen to it without fear and with much tenderness.

Giving up one dream for another dream does not mean losing out, but softness and flexible willingness to accept, and these are themselves feminine traits. Everything is good in the eyes of God as long as there is true love which does not come to harm or take something out of greed, possessiveness or theft without permission.

Femininity is a quality, a feeling, and an essence. Love is also an emotion: it is the ability to open the heart. Feminine love is the ability to love all children and people with no difference between color, race or nationality.

This is a place where we are seeking women to create peace and a full circle; it is the ability to see the suffering of another person and look for ways to help him. It is the understanding that everything is connected to everything and that the world is large and intertwined.

We as women, and all human beings, experience the processes of conception pregnancy and birth. Every process is one of creation – and even the simplest thing, like preparing a cake, can be considered as creation.

All creation begins as a masterpiece. We start thinking about preparing the cake: down the throat chakra – we are talking about wanting to make a cake. It passes into the heart chakra – excitement at the thought of it happening, and then into the uterus, the oven – baking the cake. We wait before the execution: taking a cake out of the oven.

So everything a woman can see, her life, her business, her social life and her expression, as a daily, endless process of creation.
I hope and believe I could teach you all the knowledge that I have at my disposal, and that it will be very helpful in every moment of your lives – not just in the process of pregnancy, but in every stage and in every action or event in your lives.

I believe, that in understanding how the connection between the heart and the womb functions, how emotions can get stuck in the womb, the correct treatment of space, creating the right space, finding your inner center, verbal expression of the will, breathing, the soul and meditation, the use of herbal medicine, soft abdomen massage, living right and life is balanced, and building and maintaining power of faith, will serve you loyally today, as well as be of benefit to your future generations.