Chapter 1 – Space

“A woman’s highest calling is to lead a man into his soul, so as to unite him with the source (God), a man’s highest calling is to protect the woman so she is free to walk the earth unharmed.” –A Cherokee proverb.


Clearing up the space/uterus

This is a very important idea! The womb is a space filled with light, seeking a soul—a child. The womb is a palace, and we must clean it up and clear away debris. At a physical level we are able to clean the uterus (the uterus blood) through holistic therapy—detoxification and Chinese herbs that produce clean and fresh blood each month.

On an emotional level, you need to ask yourself questions about the space you live in. Does the house you live in feel like a protected space for me? Can it physically house a child? Is there a space for another person? Does the space feel inviting? Are there unnecessary objects in my space? Go ahead and make room in the house. Release old objects and create an atmosphere of security and stability.



What about the living environment that feeds you? Do you trust your friends? Friends who encourage and listen to you plant faith and hope. If not, then do not hesitate to replace those friends. We have friends that fit in a particular period of our lives, and sometimes we must leave them to continue to fulfill our mission and our desire.

New friends come with a change in our space. I highly recommend you join a support group where women share their experiences with the processes that they go through. Knowing that you are not alone and surrounding yourself with a supportive community can be very beneficial.

Are you in a stressful job that doesn’t allow you to breathe? Examine how you can change the space in which you work. A charged atmosphere at work, pressure, and tight competition can delay pregnancy.

Space is also very important at the level of air pollution, noise, and security. Since women are connected to the earth (mother earth – the earth is a feminine energy the sky is male energy), they should feel safety and belongingness. Only when we feel safe (with a partner or in our region) then we can feel safe enough to bring life into this space. Think about it.

Most of the time, we are very busy. Women today live in a very competitive and demanding society, so it is important that home be a place of peace and tranquility—a place that creates security, where we can be relaxed and where the heart and uterus can be opened.

On a spiritual level, Native Americans are very significant in this subject area. Each person needs to build his own space. It is a circle and a sacred place, which you are not allowed to enter into (as it is someone else’s space) without permission.

The circle is a space that invites us to enter into harmony. The uterus is round. Even when God created the world by Jewish Kabbalah, he created a round circle. The idea of the circle is sacred.
After ovulation, it is very important to be as relaxed as possible. Maintain rest and a balanced lifestyle. It is in these days that the embryo decides whether or not to take root. Give him space to feel safe and stable.

The uterine cavity is a space. During intercourse, a woman invites a man to be in her body/womb. If a man forces himself onto you, intruding into your space without consent, it is called rape. I have had patients try to get pregnant with men they say they loved, and they recalled events of unwanted sexual intercourse or having sex with men that they did not really want. They felt those emotions inhibited their pregnancy. This insight has taught me that we must choose the right partners for us to have sex with.

sagePurification the earth /space with sage


Purification of space on the physical level is important as well. There are several good ways to do this. You can decide what is true and right for you.

The simplest way is to open a window and let the sun and fresh air to come in. Feng Shui says “At the house where there is sunlight, the doctor will not visit”. The light and the fresh air are renewing a circulation of energy, but you can also light incense or a candle and use essential oils. Another way is to burn sage, purification with crystals, and treatment with the sound of a Tibetan bowl.

I like simple things, so I usually just open the window to allow some light and air to come in. It is what feels right to me.

Creating space is also very important to keeping your dreams alive and probing deeper into the personal processes you go through.