Chapter 3 – Nutrition, Herbs Water and Movement

Many women come to me when they want to get pregnant, and their body is not physically ready for it. Today’s stressful lifestyle, unhealthy diets, simple sugars, simple carbohydrates, diet drinks, smoking cigarettes, drugs, drinking alcohol, not getting enough sleep, etc. all play a part in this.

We have to prepare the body for pregnancy, and not just take folic acid, but also change our lifestyles, nutrition, and strengthen our entire female system.

Our body is the temple in which the soul can move and express itself. It is very important to maintain our body. The material body is just as important as the soul which is spiritual, and the two are combined into one. Proper nutrition is very important because it nourishes the tissues of our body including the blood-filled uterine tissue. A healthy diet also undoubtedly affects the quality of the egg from the ovary.



waterWater is the source of life. It is very important to drink water. Water and not drinks with sugar, or caffeine. Water is liquid to moisten our tissues and helps to evacuate toxins from the body.

It is the perception of Chinese medicine, that water is a feminine quality. Water is passive, calm and quiet.
In Chinese medicine there are 5 elements: fire, earth, metal, water, wood. In Chinese medicine, the endometrius (lining of the uterus) is likened to the earth element. Every gardener knows that even if the ground is good it still must be prepared for planting. We do not simply plant the seed in the soil, but we first must cultivate the earth. In doing this we bring more oxygen to the ground. Then, we have to provide water.

Something similar can be imagined in our approach to the endometrial lining of the uterus as it is filled with blood. We “water” the endometrial with fluid, so as not to let it dry out and become less flexible. Water can help the blood that flows in our body to be more alive.

The qualities of water allow a woman to be calm and stable; its creation can help us find our center. Once builders used the water level to build a straight wall, and this teaches us that water has the power of balance and stability. For its first nine months, the fetus lives in the amniotic fluid. The water has significance both physically and ideologically.

The uterine muscle is filled with blood, and the blood, if it is not in motion, has a tendency to get stuck. So, it is important to improve circulation of the blood in the womb. You could be using herbs, massaging the lower abdomen or employing moderate physical activity. Try not to squeeze the lower abdomen. Although many women want a flat abdomen, the lower abdomen should be as relaxed as possible, so as not to stress and stretch the ligaments that hold the reproductive organs.



chinese herbsHerbs, I love them. I could say I worship them. In my clinic I have seen how much they contribute to the fertility of women and men. In almost every case I have treated I have given my patients herbs!!

Chinese herbs are beneficial to the female system, including streaming Chi – energy, the uterus and pelvis, strengthening the action of the tubes – pumping the egg into the Fallopian tube, reinforcing processes of ovulation, improving egg quality, improving blood flow in the womb, growing warmth in the uterus, treating menstrual pain and more…

Improving the movement of blood in the womb is very important and it has little reference to conventional medicine. It is also important that the quality of the blood is good, because the fetus needs to take root in the endometrium (lining of the uterus). Herbs make the blood circulate better, they bring more oxidants and nutrition; those things are like “food” to the fetus. He needs blood rich with oxidants in order to grow.

When I look at herbs, I see the power of their healing process by their ability to generate fertilization (pollen, seeds).Just like humans, the herbs have a code for creating life, so they also have the ability to improve many parameters related to the fertility of the woman and the man.

Plants are closely connected to the ground (the endometrial is related to the quality of earth in Chinese medicine), and they get the sun’s heat and light of the moon. They are full of minerals, and hold within them the wisdom of creation – and in their use of energy they stimulate the human body with that knowledge and memory. They have all the natural ingredients that can help us, so we can and should, bless the plants every time we use them.
I congratulate my plants before I drink them, and ask them to complete the healing of my body and my soul.
For my patients who have become pregnant and do not know what to do with the herbs left to them, I offer them a small ceremony: Go into the garden, dig a hole and return the plants to Mother Earth. Thank her for medicinal plants and the grace with which she gave them to us and helped to form the pregnancy.

You may want to know which Chinese herbs can help your fertility, but it would not be right for me to tell you since the adaption of the Chinese herbs is specific to the condition of a patient. There is no one herb that is right for everyone.

There are herbs which will work for the woman who has a lack of energy/Qi and is tired all the time. There are herbs for the woman who is anemic, suffering from a lack of blood; she looks pale and has only a little blood during her moon time – bleeding days. There are also herbs for blood stagnation, herbs that cool blood, and each herb is only given after extensive diagnosis, measurement of the pulse and inspection of the tongue.

I suggest that if you want to take Chinese medicine herbs to strengthen your fertility, you should make an appointment with a Chinese medical practitioner who will find the right formula of herbs for you.

Cold in the womb

According to Chinese medicine, cold can penetrate directly to the uterus and dwell there, causing problems with ovulation and conception, which makes sense if you think about it. Ovulation actually increases our body heat thanks to the rise in progesterone and the release of egg follicles, so when cold enters the uterus, it can cause infertility and slow blood flow, freezing the blood.

When we look at chicken or bird, she sits and keeps her eggs warm for them to hatch. Similarly, your uterus needs to be warm for the natural process of incubating your own egg to occur.

Chinese herbs and abdominal massage helps blood flow into the uterus and also helps keep heat in the womb.


Physical activity should be moderate; we should not push our bodies – certainly not in the days of our moon time (menstrual bleeding). One can go for walks or try stretching, moderate aerobic exercise, yoga, tai chi, or just dance – and all preferably with a smile.