Hello dear woman,

I want to congratulate you and thank you for reading this book/guide. This book will help you to connect to your feminine power and aid you in your efforts to get pregnant. I have faith that you will find many tips in this book that will help you on your special journey towards pregnancy, including how to connect to yourself as a woman.

Each woman has her own special way of getting pregnant, and should not feel that any one way is better than the other. Some women get pregnant naturally and some will get pregnant in other ways, such as through IUI (intrauterine insemination) or IVF (in vitro fertilization). Some women use donated sperm, some use egg donation or a surrogate mother, and others adopt. Each woman needs to find the way that is right for her and to take action in order to get pregnant.

The most important thing that a woman can do is to listen and to be willing to change, because each month there is a new and different egg, a different situation, and a new life. Women are linked to the earth and the moon, and as the ground (earth) moves, and the moon waxes and wanes each month, women change accordingly; our menstrual cycle mirrors it. The uterus is changing all the time, filling and draining with blood.
Please remember that there is no one right way.

Only your way is right for you.

Why I Wrote This Book

My name is Oriya, and I have been a specialist practitioner of Chinese medicine, fertility and pregnancy since 2000. I also provide abdominal massage to stimulate fertility in women. I have a successful clinic in Israel.
I am a veteran in the field of Chinese medicine, fertility and pregnancy, with many years of experience, and now it’s time to help other women around the world.

The main idea of this book is to help women all over the world get pregnant through connecting with their female side. What I will share with you in the book are the main ideas I found repeat themselves on my clinic and in women life.

A long time ago..
I had a vision to write this book. Inspiration entered my thoughts and formed words but they stopped there. I thought, “What will women do with the emotional female spiritual knowledge I pass on to them? Today everything is so calculated, rational and, purposeful. What is the importance of listening connection and femininity?” The words remained in the air – I haven’t done a thing with them.

Some time ago I met a Native American medicine man and I consulted with him about a problem I had been contemplating for a long time. He looked at me and told me that there was something that I was not saying. This was not a private statement but something wider, and because the throat chakra is associated with the womb, he asked me: “What is this thing that you have not said to the world? This is not your voice but a voice that comes through you. This is ancient knowledge that you have probably acquired from your past life incarnations as a Medicine Woman and you now echo and remember that voice again”.

I knew immediately what it was, and I knew that those words should exit my own space and enter into the global space. These words, and my beliefs, what I see and sense, picking and choosing, listening and understanding, I know that the time is now to share this knowledge!

In all my years of working with women who wanted and were able to get pregnant (naturally, IVF, IUI), I have seen that female spiritual emotional patterns repeat themselves and help women to conceive.

I realized very quickly that one should not only deal with the physical side, but that we need to empower women with the feminine side of the woman within her. For all of my patients who have been successful with their pregnancies, I have researched what they did that allowed the pregnancy. I have always found that it was related to a change in the nature of spiritual feminine feelings that the woman experienced during that same month.

All that you need to know about the physical side of getting pregnant, you can find in many books, on the internet, or by asking companies and doctors, but what I am offering you is knowledge that has not yet been written anywhere. This is knowledge gathered from observation and the fragile listening process that is sometimes hidden from the view of people.

This information is beyond written words and has been transferred from mouth to ear, and it is especially written on the hearts of women. With patience and perseverance I have collected all of these ideas and advice, and today, I’m happy to share them with you so that you will also succeed. I used the knowledge of Chinese medicine, Jewish Kabbalah, the culture of the Native Americans, and the wisdom of other women’s cultures; special connections through which I established my unique vision of life.

I believe that this knowledge is relevant to all women all over the world, and I cannot keep this knowledge only for women in Israel. This is the global womb that connects women to other women all around the world.
All of the advice in this book is appropriate and can be used to correct all of the different situations that can disallow pregnancy, both physically and spiritually. In fact, everything that we do is a process of conception, pregnancy and birth, so this book is actually your guide to live a life of strength, inspiration, and healing.

I am aware that I cannot guarantee 100 percent that I will help you get pregnant with the advice I give you. I’m not God, and it is important to stay humble, but I know I collected wisdom and what I share with you can change your life. I’m sure that 100 percent of the knowledge I give you, it knew that with the grandmothers of our prejudices. I trust the womanly old I am a part of, and I’m sure every woman can find something in the book which can learn from and grow stronger. It’s not just about how to get pregnant, because there is knowledge and wisdom beyond pregnancy related to the book.

You are welcome to alter the words in this book to suit you and your individual needs. If there are words or phrases that do not feel accurate to you, do not hesitate to change them and adapt them to your needs and your understanding. Nothing in this book is set in stone, but is flexible and can be changed. Even though I hold professional certifications, the only one who knows your feelings and can decide on your needs is you.

The advice in this book was written in a certain order, but sometimes you will notice that some ideas will repeat themselves. One reason for this is, over time, the repetition of the ideas will allow them to be better absorbed by your consciousness. Another reason is that all of these ideas are connected, so it is important not to separate them into different entities.

Some of the pictures and drawings are mine and come from my private albums. I included them with the intention of demonstrating that there is no gap between the advice I give you and what I practice in my own life. Everything is derived from my experiences. I have tried all of these techniques in my personal life and found them to be useful in the healing process.

How do you work with this book/guide and use these tips?

First, find yourself a quiet place where you can read all of these tips and concentrate. Read all of the tips, preferably more than once, and make a mark next to any of the tips that speak to you so that you can come back to them again. If you feel that the advice is not true for you, move on. Sometimes these tips may apply presently, sometimes later.

I recommend you work with a therapist or a professional who can develop the ideas that you feel could assist you in getting pregnant. Someone who can help you find a sacred space, and help you find the point of silence within you, as well as help you to release unnecessary emotions that reside in the womb. You can, of course, also use the book/guide alone without the assistance of a professional.

My advice is to not hurry. Take your time. Breathe.

Have fun. Look at the process of pregnancy as an experience and journey with a special meaning for you. That is itself part of pregnancy. Now, let’s get on to the first steps…



What is feminine power to you? Where is a woman coming from?
The feminine language is different from the masculine language. Women use the right lobe of their brains much more than men do. The left lobe connects more to facts and logic while the right lobe is associated with the world of emotions. It affects a woman’s overall view of things and is connected to imagination and intuition.

This is why the feminine language is more concerned with talking about feelings and emotions. It is a language of sounds, symbols, dreams, scents, and colors. It is a rich and varied language that comes from within a deeply hidden world. The understanding of the heart of a woman is hidden from views of logic.
That’s why sometimes your partner may say to you, “Are you crazy? I do not understand you. Where did you learn all of this information?” You try to explain to him that you are simply listening to yourself, and that’s how you know.

Women need to vocalize what they experience and feel more often than men do. This is because of the richness and abundant stimulation they receive from the right lobe. Because words belong to the left hemisphere, women will often find it difficult to articulate what they are feeling and men often find it difficult to understand what women want.


left right lobe


Intuition actually emanates from the right lobe of the brain. It is the ability to experience and feel the full range of a situation and to choose your course of action based on how you feel. You might say to your partner, “You see, I was right. I told you”. He may ask, “How did you know?”, and you may answer, “What? You didn’t see it on his face?” He might respond, “Not really”. What you saw was actually what you felt, and you expressed those feelings in words.

In today’s society there is more emphasis placed on the more rational left lobe. Unfortunately, without paying attention, we make our language conform to the more common language of the left lobe. We are taught that we should have clear facts and evidence. We forget to listen to our feminine language, even though there is still a little heartbeat that ignites the feminine fire and keeps it alive.

When we (women) try to exclusively use the left lobe and feminine intuition arises from the right lobe filled with dreams, colors, and emotions, the left lobe asks us to prove the feelings and sounds that we are experiencing. It is very difficult to provide proof of these things because the right lobe is very complex and is not focused on one single detail.

We need to reawaken this feminine language in women and this book supports this trend without minimizing the importance of the language of the left lobe. In every woman and man there are two lobes, a right and a left, and they must be balanced and dynamic, functioning at the same time. Women also discover healing from the right lobe.


left right

What is feminine power for you?
Femininity is the intention, lifestyle, and consciousness. It can be represented by the following words: Cycle, menstrual cycle, soft, giving, nurturing, earth, passivity, acceptance, depth, darkness, night, dreams mysticisms, intuition, emotions, quiet flow, water, relaxation, moon…

You are invited to add your own words to the list. All of these words would be helpful for the journey towards the feminine language and the connection between the heart and womb to conceive and get pregnant.